Wizards, Rename Thyselves!

Jason Dick
Posted January 30, 2013 at 6:58pm

Two sports events have prompted HOH to launch a public service campaign: convincing Washington’s NBA franchise to ditch its woeful Wizards nickname.

First came the buzz about the Washington Nationals adding another racing president, William H. Taft, to the baseball club’s fourth-inning theatrics. HOH then absorbed the news that the NBA’s New Orleans Hornets were changing their name to the more geographic-appropriate Pelicans, the Louisiana state bird.

The new team owner, Tom Benson, bought the team with the promise to get rid of the franchise name that came with it from Charlotte, N.C., but meant nothing to the Big Easy.

Back to the Wizards. Let’s face it. The name sucks. The late team owner Abe Pollin changed the name from the Bullets in 1997, saying it wasn’t appropriate. Current owner Ted Leonsis has overhauled the team colors and logos, ditching the Wizards’ light blue for the old Bullets’ red, white and blue. He also added logos incorporating icons such as the Washington Monument. Next step is a name change. So what’s it to be? Send in your suggestions — Senators? Monuments? Lobbyists? Fundraisers? Think Tanks?

Let us know, because Washington basketball fans deserve better.

After we resolve this, we’ll talk about what to do with the Redskins.