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Louis C.K. Shows Washington What Could Have Been

Oh, what could have been.

Louis C.K. — who was slated, all-too-briefly, to emcee last year’s Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner before the landed gentry found out he sometimes cracks dirty jokes — finally made it to Washington for two nights at the Kennedy Center on Feb. 1 and 2. And he showed hints of what he might have done in skewering a town that takes itself way too seriously.

“It is very nice here in this national monument,” he told the packed concert hall, making fun of himself for wearing basically the uniform of those who visit national monuments: a navy blue polo shirt and khakis.

He said that the night before the Feb. 1 show, President Barack Obama called him in his hotel room, said “I’m just calling to say, ‘Hi,'” then made fart noises and taunted the comedian before hanging up.

And while government and politics wasn’t the main theme of his act, it was a note he continued to hit over and over again:

On President Richard Nixon: “Our president wept like an insane person and then got in a helicopter and went away.”

On “It Gets Better” videos, he said there should be one made for straight, 17-year-old balding, overweight high school guys: “It gets better when [women’s] options just run out,” he said.

On government: “The law against murdering is the number one thing that stops us from murdering.”

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