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Hashing Things Out


This may come as a shock to you, dear HOH reader, but many Americans elected to spend Presidents Day weekend NOT celebrating the birthday of the father of our country, taking instead to Twitter to engage in some bare-knuckled ideological brawling.

The right is, as per usual, hammering away at President Barack Obama. But it’s also been given fresh ammunition by the bungled remarks Colorado Democrat Joe Salazar, the freshman state legislator, delivered last week marrying gun control and rape.

Their rage has been funneled into #LiberalTip2AvoidRape, which is, sadly, currently trending on the micro-blogging portal:

  • #LiberalTips2AvoidRape. Tell the Rapist you listened to Democrat Joe Salazar of Colorado and did not need to carry a gun to protect myself — @obamaisnuts
  • #LiberalTips2AvoidRape rule #1- cardio — @912gauge
  • #LiberalTips2AvoidRape Seems like this hash tag alone is doing to trick! Libs more focused on this tag than raping women at #ows events — @JamesBalderrama
  • As a Republican, the #liberaltips2avoidrape hashtag is a disgrace to our party. If this doesn’t scream reform, I don’t know what else does. — @flutel00p


  • #YouMightBeARepublican if you want church at school, school at home and guns at all three. — @Will___Ferrell
  • #YouMightBeARepublican if you mistakenly think that the Federal Budget and macroeconomics works like a household budget. — @non_idealist
  • #YouMightBeARepublican if you think it is wrong for Obama to spend a couple of days golfing while the #GOP congress takes a 10 day vacation — @EmperorNorton
  • Chevy Chase was never – NEVER – funny. #FirstWorldProblems #YaoMing #FLORIDA #uniteblue #YouMightBeARepublican #apps — @BehemothDog

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