Banned in the District: Fun License Plates

Posted March 3, 2013 at 7:30pm

If you’re getting a new car and were hoping to show the town your personality via your license plate, think again.

A recent Freedom of Information Act request from brought to light the District Department of Motor Vehicles’ full list of banned vanity plate inscriptions, and boy, is the list long.

The document is 55 pages and contains thousands of prohibited puns, innuendos and double entendres of varied provenance.





And some we just can’t figure out:

5OSRBAK (Someone at the DMV does not agree that the ’50s are back?)

FDEB (Find Donuts, Eat in Bed?)

ILOVEDC (Why would the DMV want to ban such an affectionate missive?)

But here’s a question not illuminated by the FOIA request: Do the folks at the DMV ban lascivious inscriptions whenever a mischievous car owner comes up with a new one or are they trying to pre-empt troublemakers by brainstorming snicker-worthy abbreviations on their own?