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CVC Dress Code Fit to Be Tied

Attention fans of the contemporary “Annie Hall” look: Your fashion sense has been rewarded, at least by the Capitol Guide Service’s dress code.

“Women Capitol tour guides are being forced to wear men’s ties as part of a new uniform agreement,” an HOH tipster tells us. “They wouldn’t make men wear [scarves], why should women have to wear men’s ties?”

The HOH fashion desk leapt into action. Our first stop? The Capitol Visitor Center.

“The tie is part of the uniform,” CVC Communications Director Tom Fontana tells HOH. “The bottom line is that the uniform policy and all its components, including the tie … were collaboratively negotiated between the CVC management and representatives of the labor union and agreed upon by both parties.”

So yes, dear tipster, even though women wearing ties is so 2012, it’s a part of a duly-negotiated pact.

On to HOH fashion desk’s second stop: Speaker John A. Boehner.

The Ohio Republican is famous for providing unsolicited fashion advice for reporters. It’s good sport for the speaker, given that he is a well-dressed man and reporters are typically not. Since the House left early last week, we were left to go through his spokesmen to ask whether the speaker had any reaction or perhaps a suggestion on which tie shops the ladies could frequent to look sharp.

Alas, it was one piece of fashion advice from the speaker’s office that would not be forthcoming.

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