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Ron Kind’s #DayintheLife

Wisconsin Democratic Rep. Ron Kind wants to pull back the curtain on what it’s like punching the clock here in Washington, a congressional show-and-tell that he hopes to accomplish via his #DayintheLife campaign.

Rep. Ron Kind, D-Wis.
(Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call)

Per his Twitter feed, Kind plans to document what he does here on a day-to-day basis, pledging to post pictures and field questions about his official duties throughout Wednesday.

A Kind aide told HOH that staffers came up with the original idea to micro-blog away an entire day, stressing that there are no prepared photos or canned responses at the ready.

“This is going to be very spontaneous,” the Kind aide said, noting that posts authored by the congressman would be signed “RK” while staff-supplied responses would appear as is.

At press time, Kind was not planning to carve out time for a sustained question-and-answer session or anything akin to a Twitter town hall. It sounds, in fact, like he’d actually prefer to wing it.

Best of luck staying 140 characters ahead of the rest of us, congressman.

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