Largest PAC Raised $5 Million in February

Posted March 19, 2013 at 9:35am

The largest federal PAC, ActBlue, a Democratic-aligned PAC specializing in earmarked contributions, 


, a Democratic-aligned PAC specializing in earmarked contributions, reported it raised $5,258,274 during February, leaving $8,140,302 cash on hand as of 2/28. The PAC listed a quarter of a million contributions. California donors gave $880,636, New York donors gave $571,532, Massachusetts donors gave $461,256, Texas donors gave $260,294, Florida donors gave $219,649. The PAC forwarded $4.8 million in earmarked contributions on to candidates and committees. The DCCC received $1,513,188. The DSCC received $911,390. Betsy Markey (D-CO) received $436,141. During the 2011-2012 cycle ActBlue raised over $150 million.

Other large PACs filing to report February activity included Pfizer Inc. PAC which gave out 

Pfizer Inc. PAC

 which gave out $174,000 to federal candidates and committees. The 

 to federal candidates and committees. The General Electric Company gave out 

General Electric Company

 gave out $169,500. The 

. The American Bankers Association PAC gave out 

American Bankers Association PAC

 gave out $158,500. The 

. The Engineers Political Education Committee gave out 

Engineers Political Education Committee

 gave out $127,500

Supervalu Inc. PAC gave out 

Supervalu Inc. PAC

 gave out $120,000

BAE Systems Inc. PAC gave out 

BAE Systems Inc. PAC

 gave out $116,000. The 

. The United Food and Commercial Workers Int’l. Union Active Ballot Club gave out 

United Food and Commercial Workers Int’l. Union Active Ballot Club

 gave out $101,100 to federal candidates and committees.

The filing date for monthly reports covering February activity is Wednesday, March 20th.