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Kent Cooper

The Latest From Kent Cooper

Big Checks Strengthen Super PACs

Republican Governors Association Raises $24 Million

Democratic Governors Association Raises $13.8 Million

Partisan Activities of Lerner Co-Worker at FEC

Small Donors, Retirees Still Fuel Palin

AFL-CIO Moves $3 Million to Super PAC

Dickstein Shapiro Losses $2 Million Lorillard Tobacco Account

Super PAC Spends $1 Million Against Kingston

Chamber of Commerce Spends $780K for Kingston

Mitt Romney Va. Tour

Paul Ryan Collects Almost $7 Million (Corrected)


Bono’s One Action Ramps Up Lobbying

Affordable Care Act

New Bill Relative To Lobbyists and Candidates

FEC Provides Reminder and Resources for Upcoming Deadline

Court Rules Super PAC Not Quite Independent

Washington, D.C. Lobby Firm Scores with U.S. Soccer

FEC Seeks Answers From Pro-Cochran Super PAC

Obama Selects Portman Supporter for VA Head

Candidates Rush to Collect Funds by June 30th Deadline

Rep. Curt Clawson

Clawson Is Newest Millionaire In Congress

Millionaires Keep Shoveling Money Into Politics

Supreme Court Justices’ Wealth/Income Reports Online

National Party Committees Report May Financial Figures

Don Young Must Repay $59K for Improper Trips/Gifts

Records Show Connections to New Republican Leaders

Electronic Filing for Senators Moves Forward

PACs Report Their Biggest Month for Giving

Grand Jury Probes Capitol Knowledge & Stock Trading

Koch’s Freedom Partners Action Fund Registers as Super PAC

Candidate Starts Leadership PAC Before Winning

Super PAC Spends Against New York Tea Party Candidate (Corrected)

Eric Cantor’s Wealth Can Tide Him Over

After Cantor Shock, Independent Expenditures Resume (Updated)

Two New York Billionaires Each Give $250K to Pro-Cochran Super PAC

Conservative Super PAC Goes After Durbin

Tom Ridge Starts New Political Action Committee

Ethics Committee Releases Scathing Report on Stockman

Meet David Brat’s Core Contributors

Super PAC Donor Gives $585K More, Joins Top Tier (Updated)

Koch Starts Lobbying on Campaign Finance Issue

Washington Redskins Improve Defense With K Street Lobbying

Rep. Rob Andrews Gets Off Scot Free

Donor Admits Giving $150K to Straw Donors for U.S. Senate Candidates

Congressional Visit to U.S. Citizen Imprisoned in Cuba

Super PAC for Campaign Finance Reform Swallowed by Fat Cats (Updated)

Ultra-Rich Hijacking American Politics


Conyers Starts Legal Expense Trust To Pay Legal Fees

Chamber of Commerce Buys $636K in Ads Supporting Jack Kingston

Cantor Spends $1 Million, Koch Contributes

GAO Report on Lobbying: All Lobbyists Above Average

Rep. Black Buys Comcast, Rep. Peters Sells APCO, Sen. Hoeven Buys Boeing