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Lt. Dan Cheers Up SCOTUS Campers

During a cold snowy Sunday in the District, Lt. Dan Choi brought coffee, donuts and conversation for dozens of folks who were queued up to to hear the Supreme Court’s oral arguments for and against same-sex marriage.

Andy Bakker, a courier working in the District and living in Virginia, told HOH Choi’s visit was a highlight of his four-day Supreme Court vigil.

“He brought hot coffee and donuts and he engaged everybody,” Bakker said. “Especially the folks on the other side of the issue, so that was interesting.”

Choi, who is a Iraq War vet and a graduate of West Point, was famously discharged when he came out as a gay service member on national television. Choi has since become a leading voice against the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

“[Choi] did a good job. He was very, very direct. He asked folks, ‘Do you think I should have a family?’ But in a very nice, cordial manner; [he was] making jokes,” Bakker said.

How did the anti-same sex marriage folks respond to Choi’s question? “People would say, ‘You can have a family, but I don’t approve of your activity’ or what have you.”

Bakker said Choi was “very good” at engaging with and listening to those people who disagreed with him. Plus, he said, “his coffee was still hot when he got here, which was very nice.”

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