Senate Rules Committee = Killjoys

Posted March 28, 2013 at 2:23pm

Dear Senate staffers: The Senate Rules and Administration Committee hates festive posters and that finger-paint drawing you taped to your window so the world could see your child’s genius.

And if you don’t immediately take them down from the windows of the Hart Senate Office Building, Big Brother is going to come around the fish bowl and take them down for you. Or so implied an email sent Wednesday to all Senate offices by the committee’s Chief Clerk Lynden C. Armstrong.

Please note the caps lock for emphasis.

“I’ve gotten some complaints and have seen a number of signs, posters, photos, charts, etc. that have been placed facing outwards into the Hart Atrium. It is against the regulations governing the Senate Office Buildings to place any kind of material facing the exterior of the building and into the Hart Atrium,” the e-mail, obtained by HOH said. “Because there are a NUMBER of violations, I’m asking each of you to walk your spaces and have any items removed or turned around. It will make life simpler for me when I don’t have to start tracking down every individual item and contacting you separately.”

Armstrong then included the full memo of building rules in case staffers already had forgotten office rules “do’s and don’t’s,” which includes the anti-window display edict. The justification provided for the rules was “to assure the safety of the thousands of staff and visitors who pass through these buildings and to maintain a professional appearance in the buildings.”

HOH’s favorite rule? The one based on the assumption that staffers would somehow treat food services like room service.

“Please do not place dishes or trays in the hallways. Any property of the Senate Restaurants should be returned to them. The Superintendent’s personnel are not responsible for returning restaurant items.”