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Mark Sanford Teases MSNBC About Prop Pigs

Dry those tears, Mika Brzezinski.

Contrary to the fiery end you were told befell scene squealers “Pork” and “Barrel”:

An aide to South Carolina hopeful Mark Sanford assured HOH the former and would-be congressman merely lost touch with the famous stunt swine.

“He was joking. We don’t have a clue what happened to those pigs,” Sanford spokesman Joel Sawyer said of the unknown fates of the bacon-in-training.

According to Sawyer, Team Sanford borrowed the photo-op-friendly oinkers from a Lexington, S.C., farmer for its famous May 27, 2004, presser shaming Palmetto State lawmakers about runaway spending. He said the duo was dutifully returned to the contributing farmer the same day.

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