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It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for Take Five, HOH’s chance to get to know a member better through five fun questions. This week, Rep. James P. Moran, D-Va., talks about the Rolling Stones, dogs in the office and his heroes.

Q: Is there anything unique or special that you find in representing a district so close to the capital?

A: The number of staff and employees on Capitol Hill who are also constituents. There are many people whose views I differ with, but I have to be conscious of the fact that they could be voters in my district.

Q: What was the first concert you attended and how old were you?

A: Rolling Stones. Ancient.

Q: Is there anything you miss from your hometown [suburban Boston]? Do you ever have reason to go back there?

A: I miss Casey’s [Diner’s]hot dogs in Natick — they steam the hot dog buns.

Q: Do you have a favorite animal and/or any pets?

A: I’ve had many pets, but I live in an apartment now and it wouldn’t be fair when I have so little time at home to spend with an animal. But we have a pet-friendly congressional office, so most times during the day there will be a dog curled up under my desk.

Q: Who is your greatest inspiration? Could be a historical figure, contemporary hero or the like.

A: Bobby Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because at heart, I’m a child of the ’60s.

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