Here’s Who Got Early Release of Federal Reserve Minutes

Posted April 11, 2013 at 11:39am

The public can get a unique glimpse of the corporate, trade association and Capitol Hill insiders who regularly deal with the Federal Reserve from an email list of those who were accidently sent early a copy of the minutes of the Federal Reserve March meeting. The Federal Reserve made the list public. The email is an example of the regular communication that goes on between government agencies and those seeking to obtain the best intelligence on government policy matters.

Recipients included staff at other government agencies, staff on Capitol Hill, and staff at the American Bankers Assn. (K. Clayton, W. Abernat), the American Council of Life Insurers (Maurice Perkins), BB&T (J. Hardage), BNP Paribas (Timothy Bitsberger), Capital One (Emily Weems), Carlyle (Bryan Corbett), Citi Bank (John Emling, Solomon), Cypress Group DC (King), Fifth Third Bank (Eric Rizzo), Gray Company (G. Gray), Goldman Sachs (Michael Thompson), Guggenheim Partners (Jaret Seiberg), HSBC (Thomas Rosenkoetter), the Independent Community Bankers Assn. (Paul Merski), JP Morgan Chase (Naomi Camper, Nathan Gatten), King Street (R. Pribble), the National Credit Union Assn. (T. Harper), Nomura (Mark Schuermann), PNC (Vincent Randazzo), Regions Bank (Brian Smith), Rich Feuer Anderson (Tara Foscato), RRG-llc (G. Gradler), Standard & Poors (Courtney Geduldig), Sullivan & Cromwell (S. Woodall), Wells Fargo (Daniel Archer, Christopher Rosello, Sanders Adu), Williams & Jensen (Oswald), UBS (John Savercool), and US Bank (Kevin Macmillan).