Monday Beer Gathering for Everyone!

Jason Dick
Posted April 14, 2013 at 7:30pm

Home-grown beer producer DC Brau celebrates its two-year anniversary Monday at Meridian Pint, an opportunity to thank the brew gods for two of Washington’s sudsiest local firms.

The DC Brau catalog of drafts and casks — everything from its everyman Public ale to its eclectic The Stone of Arbroath 2012 — will be $5 all night.

The anniversary party comes on the same evening that the National Beer Wholesalers Association is hosting its own beer celebration — Cheers: The World of Beer Delivered by America’s Beer Distributors — in the Great Hall of the Library of Congress’ Thomas Jefferson Building.

That’s a part of the wholesalers’ 2013 legislative conference, and it’s expected to fete some of the wholesalers’ favorite members of Congress and allies in the public policy realm.

The two events set up an interesting dichotomy for beer lovers. On one hand, the people who make sure bars have everything from Oregon’s Rogue Dead Guy Ale to Bud Light will get their kegs on in the nation’s repository of knowledge. Pretty cool setting.

On the other hand, the company who makes up one of the biggest manufacturers in the District and is a local success story is celebrating its success at a local pub that is into local craft brew and environmental sustainability. Regardless of which way one leans — interstate commerce and distribution or hyper-local sourcing — it’s a win for the fermented- and carbonated-beverage-quaffing crowd in general.

The hoisting at Meridian Pint, 3400 11th St. NW, begins at 5 p.m. The library’s Great Hall doors open to the distributors and their folk at 7 p.m.