One Heck of a Guy

Posted April 17, 2013 at 2:50pm

It ended up being a Heck of a night. On the evening of April 12, a plane left Washington, D.C., heading to Las Vegas. A female passenger began to feel a bit woozy and her condition quickly escalated, so the flight attendants took to the intercom and asked the plane if there was a doctor on the flight.

Rep. Joe Heck, R-Nev., an osteopathic physician, an ER medicine practitioner and a heck of a guy, answered the call.

The congressman was led to the back of the plane to the galley, where the woman was seated. She said she was feeling lightheaded and a bit faint.

Heck took her vitals and figured she’d make it through the flight just fine. In a classy move, Heck decided to keep a close eye on her condition throughout the flight. Then he briefed the airport medical staff who met the plane to collect the patient.

According to Heck’s staff, neither the flight attendant nor the patient knew they had a member of Congress in their midst. Heck kept mum about his actions after getting off the plane.

Heck’s spokesman, Greg Lemon, tells HOH the staff learned of the whole event because another passenger gave Heck a very public atta-boy.

“I was proud to see our own Congressman Dr. Joe Heck step up and volunteer,” Rex from Las Vegas wrote to the Fox5 Las Vegas show “The Rant.” “A shout out to him, he made it look so routine!”