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David Schweikert’s Not-So-Sweet Life

Rep. David Schweikert was having a rough go of it Wednesday night — a side effect of going cold turkey on excess sugar:

The Arizona Republican admitted to HOH that he’s got a bit of a sweet tooth.

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)
Schweikert, left, has a sweet tooth. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

“I have a firmly established chocolate problem. Fits in nicely with my coffee problem,” Schweikert said of his penchant for brown stimulants.

Per Schweikert, the confectionery embargo is not for health reasons so much as pride. “My wife bet me I couldn’t go a week without dark chocolate. I’m trying to prove her wrong,” he said of the test of will.

If anybody spots him skulking around the Longworth vending machines or Crumbs Bake Shop (his go-to snack havens), give a holler.

Update: Schweikert suggested he’s still holding strong. Though salt cravings now seem to be taking over.

“Cranky this morning ’cause I couldn’t put sugar in my coffee,” he said of his Day 4 outlook. “But I’ve been eating a lot more pita chips …”

Should he make it to Sunday, confidence is medium Schweikert might have to reward himself with his current Crumbs obsession: chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing.

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