How People Find Their Way to HOH

Posted May 10, 2013 at 1:18pm

Sometimes words make no sense, especially here at HOH.

It’s in this spirit that we present the nonsensical Internet search terms that have led some folks to our particular brand of crazy:

Here are the top nine bizarro terms/phrases that drove traffic to our little gossip den:

  • John Kerry introvert (we kinda get this one)
  • mika brzezinski hot pics (you asking or offering?)
  • www.cuckoldpal (with friends like these …)
  • freshman inc jerk (business is brutal)
  • sarcastic birthday wishes (and MANY more)
  • free smokes (trying to quit)
  • sticking itway in (whuck?)
  • no cupcake left behind (SOOOOO 2011)
  • hoh sex scenes (deal with it, Farrah Abraham!)