The Frost/Clinton Tapes

Posted May 10, 2013 at 4:36pm

Budding filmmaker Jaiden Frost doesn’t necessarily consider himself a political animal. But he’s waded into the field with his recent tribute to pre-eminent lady politician Hillary Rodham Clinton, “White Room”:

“I wanted to feature someone who has been a true inspiration and a powerful woman in our country. She was the first person who came to mind,” Frost told HOH of his draw to the former FLOTUS/New York senator/secretary of State.

After digging through The Daily Beast’s treasure trove of Clinton clips, Frost married the former presidential candidate’s rhetoric to his dreamlike homage to women’s rights.


But Frost maintains the driving force behind the stylistic valentine was empowerment.

“I have been surrounded my whole life by unconfident women. Whether it be their physical looks, their talents, etc.,” he shared. “I want to do anything I can to motivate women to be any and everything they can be.”

Should the opportunity present itself to help with any future campaigns, Frost said he’d love to lend a hand.

A little advice:


Learn how to correctly spell her name before then.