John Cornyn Has Issues

Posted May 16, 2013 at 4:17pm

Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn is very worried about lots of things these days. But rather than obsess about them in isolation, he’s inviting everyone to weigh in on the political head-scratchers as part of his “Issue Advisers” campaign.


HOH has received two such pleas for guidance just within the past week.

Before giving up any more of our personal information to the email-harvesting operation, we demanded to know whether this new relationship would be a two-way street.

  • Why do people still flock to Lauriol Plaza?
  • When will Congress just throw in the towel and adopt Thunderdome-style floor debate rules already?
  • What’s a conservative Texan to do once he’s been flooded with recommendations by nonconstituents who will then expect him to champion their parochial interests?

And we’d like to take issue with that …