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Rand PAC 2016 Registers as Super PAC

A new super PAC, Rand PAC 2016registered Thursday at the Federal Election Commission as an independent-expenditure-only committee. The super PAC listed its website, but the site provides no names of sponsors or officers.

The website claims it is the “Official Rand PAC 2016 website.” It is unclear how a group can claim to be “official” when, as an independent expenditure committee presumably going to make independent expenditures supporting Rand Paul, it should not have any contact, coordination or connection with Sen. Rand Paul.

If this group is well-intentioned or if it is trying to siphon contributions away from Rand Paul’s campaign committee or leadership PAC, that same independent rule may hamper Sen. Rand Paul’s efforts to quell it or keep it from working at cross purposes to his campaign efforts.

The PAC is based in Hayward, California and its treasurer is Nick Nuckelt. The custodian of books is Brandon Edwards of Castro Valley, CA.

The new super PAC could also confuse many with its name and website address. The super PAC should not be confused with Rand Paul for U.S. Senate 2016, which is the principal campaign committee of the senator and has a website at It should also not be confused with Sen. Rand Paul’s leadership PAC, Reinventing a New Direction – RandPAC, that has a website at .

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