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Gape-Gap Gasp! Ex-Lobbyist Looks to Prevent Inadvertent Flashing

Rochelle Behrens, an ex-lobbyist for Quinn Gillespie, did mind the gap.

As a professional woman and now a fashion designer, Behrens wanted to address the “gape,” which is her term for that special gap that appears at the summit of the bosom area on a button-down shirt. The “gape gap” shows off a woman’s, um, décolletage and can be very revealing indeed.

Behrens thought and thought and obsessed over the button-down gape-gap and finally created a flash-free shirt, which she appropriately enough dubbed: The Shirt.

It is also seriously expensive. If you buy it in stores, The Shirt can set you back anywhere from $132 to $198.

But take heart, gape-gap sufferers on a budget. Behrens has taken to Kickstarter to raise money to make a more affordable gape-gap-free shirt ($60 to $75 each).
And just like a public-radio pledge drive, Behrens and Co. will be giving out “thank you” gifts at the various giving levels.

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