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Angry Staffer Stressed About Becoming Homeless Is Now Jobless

Domestic squabbling spilled into the halls of Congress this week, after one House staffer, perturbed at his roommate, attempted to draw co-workers into the fray by airing their dirty laundry in a nasty email.

The caustic communication hit Capitol Hill inboxes around 3:45 p.m. on Tuesday; that’s when legislative assistant Oscar Urteaga loosed his screed against new-media aide Jeff Leieritz.

An HOH tipster forwarded the expletive-filled rant, which purportedly stunned Small Business Committee aides before trickling out to less-than-amused K Street contacts.

And it’s that overreach that appears to have earned Urteaga his walking papers.

“Our office has always upheld the highest of standards for personal decorum and professionalism. Introducing personal problems into the realm of one’s professional duties is inexcusable and will not be tolerated,” Urteaga’s supervisor explained after terminating the loose cannon.

As is often the case between feuding bros, the source of the intrahousehold friction appears to be a woman: a newly minted fiancee, to be exact.

Per Urteaga’s NSFW complaint, Leieritz had become a “backstabbing little b—-” since slipping his lady a ring, a situation that has escalated into a “War of the Roses”-style battle for control of their homestead.

“Most recently, he went behind my back and told my landlord that I was planning on moving out, which is not true. We both are on the lease, hes [sic] the one decided to get married and start a new future; therefore, he should take it upon himself to find a new place for them to start their lives together. Common sense…right?” Urteaga preached from a personal email account.

The backbiting only intensified from there, with Urteaga attacking Leieritz’s and his betrothed’s character (“They sure are the religious and godly couple they want you to perceive of them, aren’t they?”) before insulting the very people he is presumably attempting to win over (“No need to respond to this. To be honest, I could care less what you have to say.”).

In case you were wondering, the passive-aggressive signoff is punctuated with an F-bomb (‘natch).

Leieritz did not respond to repeated calls and emails requesting comment about what appears to be a rapidly deteriorating living situation.

Not so for Urteaga, who expressed respect for his former employer and vowed to move past this bit of melodrama.

“I’m aware that I made a mistake and therefore accept all consequences. People who know me know that my integrity and hard work speak for itself and that I will triumph through this situation,” he assured HOH, mapping out plans to pursue other opportunities, including his fledgling job search portal.

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