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Outrageous and Edgy Video of ‘Senator’ Caught in Strip Club

A group of serious players in the world of money in politics has released an unusual, outrageous and edgy video to “help put an end to the sickening dance of bribery & corruption.” They hope to “get money out of money in politics.” is a group supporting the American Anti-Corruption Act, to overhaul campaign finance laws, impose strict lobbying and conflict of interest laws, and end secret money. (View list of Board of Advisors, including Jack Abramoff.) The group highlights the phrase, “Represent Us, Not The Money.”

The video shows an actor portraying a “Senator” who appears to be going to a fundraising event and starts to talk about critical legislation but then is told by the audience to “take it off.” The actor immediately complies and proceeds to take off most of his clothes and does a pole dance while the patrons (donors) give him money.

Members of Congress will not like it. Most viewers will not like it. But that may be the point they are trying to make about soliciting campaign funds.

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