DNC Raises $5.8 Million in May, Warren Buffet Gives $32K

Posted June 20, 2013 at 8:53pm

The Democratic National Committee had another $5-6 million fundraising month in May, but still not the $10+ million that could help them more quickly pay down their outstanding vendor debts and bank loans. In the Spring of 2011 they raised $10+ million in each of April, and May, and June.

The Democratic National Committee 

Democratic National Committee

 reported raising $5,864,29 and spending $5,219,488 during May, leaving $6,037,140 cash on hand as of 5/31, and debts of $19.8 million. The debts include $13.5 in banks loans and $6.3 million owed to vendors. The committee raised $1.8 million from small donors of $200 or less. The committee itemized $3.8 million in individual contributions. Most of the itemized contributions were from New York and California.

Selected major donors include Alicia Underwood (pharmacist, AC Underwood Associates, CT) $81,000; Warren Buffett (chairman & CEO, Berkshire Hathaway, NE) $32,400; Tommy Hilfinger (principal designer, Tommy Hilfinger USA, CT) $32,400; Nelson Rising (partner, Maguire Woods, CA) and Sharon $64,800; Paul Jones (chairman & CEO, Tudor Investment Corp., CT) and Sonia $50,000; Alexander Soros (student, NY) $20,000; Uma Thurman (actress, NY) $32,400; and Susan Saint James (actress, CA) $32,400; among others.

Warren Buffett (chairman & CEO, Berkshire Hathaway, NE) $32,400

The committee made a $750,000 loan repayment to Amalgamated Bank of New York and transferred $363,700 to other committees, such as state party committees. The committee spent $762,769 on direct mail; $489,816 on payroll, and $276,053 on telemarketing. The committee refunded $42,150 to Amarilis Osorio and Maria Alvarez De Moran.