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The Schillings Can’t Help but Bust on Bustos

Campaigns come and go. But bitter resentment can linger indefinitely — or so we’ve learned from the grudge-holding home team behind one-term GOP lawmaker Bobby Schilling.

Democratic Rep. Cheri Bustos ousted the Illinois Republican last fall in a very close contest, and the Schillings, from dad on down, remain none too happy about the outcome.

A chance encounter brought some of that unresolved anger to the surface, prompting Levi Schilling, one of the ex-lawmaker’s sons, to vent on Twitter:


Schilling assured CQ Roll Call that his son had been reprimanded and that the offending social media account was no longer active.

Tough break, bro.

Particularly since the rest of the fam gets to continue to play politics.

Schilling is no stranger to giving Bustos the business on Facebook.


And it appears that Terry Schilling, his campaign-managing eldest son, is always up for an online scrap.


Others seem to want the sniping to just stop already.

Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll all grow out of this hyperpartisan rut we’re in …

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