Speaker Boehner Eases Sanford’s Return to Congress

Posted June 27, 2013 at 10:50am

On the day before the swearing-in of a new member of Congress who had been shunned by House Republicans, the speaker of the House offered up a $5,000 check to ease the transition, a new report shows.

Freedom Project, the leadership PAC of Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, reported it gave a $5,000 check on May 14 to Sanford for Congress. On May 15, Mark Sanford was sworn in.

Monthly reports covering May financial activity for the National Republican Congressional Committee and Rep. Eric Cantor’s leadership PAC, Eric PAC, showed they had not given to Sanford in May.

Boehner’s PAC reported it had received $189,748 and spent $83,140 during May, leaving $602,049 cash on hand as of May 31. The PAC raised $47,000 from other PACs and committees, including $25,000 from a group of five health profession associations: the American Academy of Dermatology PAC, the American College of Surgeons Profession PAC, the American College of Cardiology PAC, the American College of Radiology Association PAC, and the American College of Neurology PAC — also known as BRAIN PAC.

Freedom Project also transferred in $135,748 for a joint fundraising committee. Contributions included $10,000 from Elizabeth and Stephen Bechtel (chairman emeritus, Fremont Group CA). and $5,000 each from three executives of Elliott Management in New York – Jay Newman, Robert Ryan, and Lee Grinberg.