GOP Photo Project Off to a Wildly Divergent Start

Posted July 2, 2013 at 12:48pm

A handful of House Republicans have committed to chronicling their day-to-day activities this July via the #CongressionalPhotoADay project, a social media experiment that’s already yielding varied results.

Elizabeth Lauten, spokeswoman for participating Rep. Stephen Fincher of Tennessee, said the snap-happy plan was hatched in her office a few months back.

“We had tried this back in May but got pretty bogged down with the House Digital Challenge, so [we] decided to try it again,” she told HOH. “I’m hoping this encourages members to stay consistently engaged on Instagram and to continue to push themselves to find creative ways to reach their constituents on platforms we know that they’re using.”

Lauten recycled about 40 percent of the assignments from May for the latest go-around, though she also axed several images — “district dish” and “can’t live without” sounded promising — we’d like to have seen.


Rep. Sean P. Duffy of Wisconsin and

Rep. Austin Scott of Georgia.

Looks like Team Scott took the opening gambit a bit more seriously (inflammatory collages take work, yo) than the others.