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Team Englewright’s Curious Reading Habits

We get that a fledgling web series that treats working in Congress with all the reverence would-be NYC Comptroller Eliot Spitzer previously showed his marital vows would want to align itself with fellow new kids on the media block.

But we’re a bit perplexed by the consumption habits over at “Cap South.”

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(Warren Rojas)
(Warren Rojas/CQ Roll Call)

And we spotted an issue of Roll Call strewn on the coffee table in the faux reception area for fictional Virginia Republican Gracie Todd Englewright.

But it was the setting of the bogus constituent calls segment that really caught our attention.

Back there, in the real nerve center of any congressional office, sit the criminally underpaid, grossly under-appreciated water-carriers who make Congress such an interesting place to report on. Based on the brunt of the feedback we receive here at HOH — threatening letters, not included — it’s these oft-overlooked workers, rather than members, who most fervently devour our stuff.

(Warren Rojas)
(Warren Rojas)

But in “Cap South” world, staff is only too happy to lap up BuzzFeed’s “native” advertisements (more bang for Virgin Mobile’s buck) or hang onto competing pubs (we spotted two in the corresponding video clips).

Which makes us wonder: Who reads Roll Call in your office?

Then again, not everything that goes on in “Cap South” is supposed to be a direct reflection of reality (NSFW clip below).

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