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We can’t say for sure whether Sen. Dan Coats, who spent the early part of the last decade serving his country as ambassador to Germany, definitively left his heart in der Fatherland.

But we can confirm that he’s still sinking a few bucks into the joint.

Per his latest batch of financial disclosures, the Indiana Republican has a piece of Berlin-based Radio Paradiso, an easy-listening station determined to make life, well, easier.

“Radio Paradiso is Berlin’s only wellness-based radio station and connects with listeners between the ages of 30 and 49, who are trapped in the rat race. Let this station take the stress away and bring some peace and quiet to your life!” the FM broadcaster boasts online.

Team Coats confirmed that the boss used to tune in — “It was a Christian station … when he lived in Germany,” an aide told HOH — but suggested he’s more likely to scan SiriusXM these days.

The current RP playlist hopscotches across several decades (from ’70s to ’90s) and various musical genres, though the program appears to skew toward nice, soft tuneage.

Here’s just a sampling of what Coats’ investment feeds German listeners:

Madonna — “Secret”

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