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Bachmann Pays $55,000 in Legal Fees

Bachmann for President, the former presidential campaign committee of Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., reported it paid $55,000 for legal fees during the second quarter of 2013. The committee paid Patton Boggs LLP $48,751 for legal services and $6,249 to Patton Boggs LLP for debt repayment legal services.

During the quarter the committee had receipts of $142,118, including $140,000 transferred in from Bachmann for Congress. The committee spent $161,411, leaving $17,467 in cash on hand as of June 30, and debts of $30,673.

In other filings today:

Republicans Agree – Fine Cantor Opponent:  Although rare, at least some of the Republican Commissioners at the Federal Election Commission must have agreed with the Democratic commissioners, since the 2012 opponent of House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor has been fined $6,000.

Powell for Congress, the 2012 campaign committee of Ernest Wayne Powell, D-Va., reported it paid $6,080 to the Federal Election Commission for “fine” on June 14. No compliance case has been made public yet, but the committee did file several 48 hour contribution notices in April 2013, covering activity prior to the November 2012 General Election. The notices reported a $50,000 contribution from the candidate himself, as well as contributions from PACs and individuals.

The PAC of Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., Strategy PAC, reported it had receipts of $68,000 in the second quarter, including $30,000 related to Fiduciary Management Inc. (Wis.). These included $5,000 each from John Brandser (president); Bladen Burns (Senior Vice President); Patrick English (investments); Rachel English; Ted Kellner (analyst); Mary Kellner.

Progressive Kick Independent Expenditures, a super PAC, reported it raised $124,943 in the second quarter. Major donors included Lawrence and Susan Hess (investor, homemaker, CA) $50,000; Marjorie Roswell (web developer, Roswell Infographics, MD) $47,000; and Edward Rice (consultant, VA) $10,000.

Former Sen. John Kerry’s PAC, Campaign for Our Country, reported it is still around. It had no receipts and reported $5,000 in expenditures for accounting services, bank fees and database management. It has $6,941 cash on hand.

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