Leader Reid, It’s Mark Sanchez on Line One

Posted July 15, 2013 at 1:23pm

Hey, if Harry Reid can take a gratuitous knock at the University of Southern California football program, HOH can take a gratuitous shot at the New York Jets, amirite?

With that out of the way (sorry, Jets fans), we’ll get to the serious accusations the Senate majority leader launched against Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez’s alma mater — that they bought players! — which is sort of like that one time Mitt Romney paid an effective zero percent tax rate, except probably a little truer.

The Nevada Democrat spoke Monday morning at the Center for American Progress and made little to no news about the Senate’s filibuster standoff, but he did take a 20-second timeout to flash his sports acumen by making fun of a poor, unassuming intern from USC, who told the majority leader that he was mulling “switching sides” after Reid’s Trojan insults.

“Hope you have a better football team than last year. That was a disaster. That proves you can’t buy college football players,” Reid quipped. You can watch the video of the moment, clipped by our friends at NBC, here.

To recap the sports world according to Reid: USC is the only program that has ever cheated and its downward trend as a result of sanctions is “proof” you can’t buy college football players (although HOH would argue that logic dictates the opposite of his statement is true); Davey Johnson is a manager among managers (for a team struggling to stay above .500 at the All-Star break); and Bryce Harper is a demi-god because … he’s from Nevada!