A Hemingway Rum Tasting at Cuba Libre’s Sunday Nightcap

Jason Dick
Posted July 19, 2013 at 4:25pm

With the “Mad Men” season over, Sunday nights feel a lot less liquor-soaked.


If you’re not ready to go cold turkey yet, hop on over to Cuba Libre (801 Ninth St. NW) on Sunday night for a rum tasting of Papa’s Pilar.

The spirit, its name and the venue all hark to Ernest Hemingway and his affinity not just for booze, but for Cuba.

“Papa,” of course, is Hemingway’s most common nickname. “Pilar” is one of his strongest moral characters, the Spanish gypsy rebel woman in “For Whom the Bell Tolls.” It’s also the name of Hemingway’s fishing boat, which still resides in Cuba at his estate, Finca Vigia, outside Havana. The Cubans have shown their own affection for Hemingway by meticulously preserving the estate, as well as putting Papa’s visage on their currency.

How many non-politician writers are on U.S currency? The fact that Hemingway’s a Yankee says a lot about their admiration for the Nobel Prize winner.

Sunday is also the iconic writer’s birthday, so there are multiple reasons to hoist a few, as well as sample “Cuban bar bites” from Chef Guillermo Pernot and enjoy a make-your-own daiquiri bar.