McCain to Block Joint Chiefs Chair Renomination

Posted July 19, 2013 at 5:30am

“McCain, R-Ariz., pressed Dempsey during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee to provide his opinion on which approach in Syria carries greater risk for U.S. national security interests: continued limited action on the part of Washington, or more significant steps such as establishment of a no-fly zone and arming rebel forces with the weapons they need to stem the advance of President Bashar Assad’s forces.”

“Dempsey said he has provided President Obama with options for the use of military force, but he declined to detail those choices. ‘It would be inappropriate for me to try to influence the decision with me rendering an opinion in public about what kind of force we should use,’ Dempsey said.”

C-SPAN posts video of the hearing here. Roll Call provides its take here.