‘Crime Story’ — Television That’s a Worthy Memorial for Dennis Farina

Jason Dick
Posted July 22, 2013 at 5:28pm

Actor Dennis Farina, the former Chicago cop who rose to fame as an actor in movies such as “Thief” and “Midnight Run” and television shows such as “Law and Order” died Monday.


A fitting tribute for anyone up for a little DVD/streaming digging would be to check out Farina’s star turn in the Michael Mann-produced television series “Crime Story,” a criminally under-watched show from 1986-1988 that was an amazingly hard-edged, well-acted, crazy-good noir set in 1960s Chicago and Las Vegas.

The show’s verisimilitude was aided not just by Farina’s background as a police officer, but by the fact that one of the actors who played a key mafia henchman, John Santucci, was a hood that Farina used to bust!

Anyway, they don’t really make them like Farina anymore. Watch “Crime Story” to see what a talent he was.