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Group Kicks Off ‘Fishy’ Tour

Wondering what the parade of frankenfood was doing traipsing through the streets of Washington on Monday night?

Are We Eating Fishy Food’s tour kicked off on the National Mall on an 11 city-tour to make the case that the public deserves to know when they are eating food with genetically modified organisms.


César Maxit and DC51, an artist collective in Washington, D.C., designed the first of the fishy fleet of cars in 2011. The first car was FishyCorn aka “Poppy.” In January 2013, Maxit designed five more cars including “Goldie” the SharkApple, and “Soyna” the soybean seahorse.

Sixty-four countries require labeling of GMOs, but in the U.S. and Canada, GMO items are commonly found in the grocery store without a label.

Activists behind Are We Eating Fishy Food want companies to provide full disclosure on what makes up our food. On their website, they proclaim, “There is something fishy about GMOs, aka Genetically Modified Organisms, plants or animals which have been genetically altered and would not occur naturally despite what biotech companies claim.”

The group maintains that in this case, labels matter. They want the public to have a right to choose whether they want to buy and eat genetically engineered food.

The tour wraps up in Seattle on Aug. 14


 at the Rally for Right to Know.

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