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New Pro-Cory Booker Super PAC Discloses Large Donors and Independent Expenditures

A new Democratic-oriented super PAC formed in mid-July has disclosed its donors and reported more than half a million dollars in independent expenditures supporting New Jersey U.S. Senate candidate Cory Booker.

The Mobilization Project registered on July 15. Their first report indicated it had receipts of $375,000 between July 15 and July 24. The major contributions were from Ravenel B. Curry IV (investor, Eagle Capital Management, N.Y.) $50,000; Ravenel B. Curry III (investor, Eagle Capital Management, N.Y.) $50,000; Michael Fux (founder & CEO, Comfort Revolution, N.J.) $100,000; Seth Klarman (CEO & president, Baupost Group, Mass.) $100,000; Andrew Tisch (chairman, Loews Corp., N.Y.) $50,000; and Laurie Tisch (CEO, Illumination Fund, N.Y.) $25,000. Since then the PAC has raised more funds.

Mobilization Project

Other independent expenditures were also reported today. The Club for Growth Action Fund, a Republican-oriented super PAC, reported it spent $143,359 on Aug. 8 opposing Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark. The super PAC paid Red Sea LLC (Md.) $142,979 for production costs and TV ad buys. They also paid Club for Growth $380 for production and press releases. In 2013, the PAC has spent $326,297 against Pryor.