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American Bankers Association PAC Adds $890K in July

The American Bankers Association PAC (BANKPAC) added $889,461 to its national account during July. Their federal PAC now has $1,576,538 cash on hand as of July 31.

The association collects contributions from individual executives and employees for its PAC, but it also receives transfers from various state bankers associations that have federal affiliated PACs. In the last few years the PAC has transferred in about $800,000 to $900,000 each July. In July 2013, the PAC received $877,303 in transfers from affiliated PACs in Virginia $110,000; California $65,000; North Carolina $65,000; Pennsylvania $50,000; Texas $50,000; News Jersey $46,500; Illinois $45,000; Oklahoma $40,000; Georgia $38,746; Missouri $35,041; Michigan $34,000; Kentucky $33,319; Arkansas $30,000; among others.

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