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Democratic Governors Raise $13 Million, Republicans Raise $24 Million

Both the Democratic and Republican Governors Associations reached out for large contributions from their supporters, several of whom gave gave $1 million each, including Bob Perry the day before he died.

The Democratic Governors Association, a Section 527 organization, reported raising $13,387,646 and spending $10,512,532 during the first six months of 2013.

Major donors included PhRMA (D.C.) $300,000; Wal-Mart (Ark.) $260,000; International Assn. of Fire Fighters (D.C.) $300,000; Michael Parker (Lexington, Ky.) $275,000; AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals (Ariz.) $250,000; DRIVE Committee (D.C.) $250,000; Progress Energy Service Company (N.C.) $200,000; Travelers Indemnity Company (Conn.) $175,000; American Beverage Association (D.C.) $150,000; American Federation of Teachers COPE (D.C.) $150,000; AT&T Services (N.J.) $150,000; IBEW PAC education Fund (D.C.) $150,000; Laborers Political League (D.C.) $150,000; Service Employees International Union (D.C.) $150,000; WellPoint Inc. (Calif.) $150,000; Covanta Energy Corp. (N.J.) $150,000; Blue Cross Blue Shield Assn. (Ill.) $125,000; Exelon Business Services $125,000; Southern Company (Ga.) $125,000; Archer Daniels Midland Company (Ill.) $120,000; BNSF Railway Company (Texas) $110,000; GTECH Corp. (R.I.) $110,000; and Nuclear Energy Institute (D.C.) $105,000.

Other large donors were: Amerigroup Corp. (Va.) $100,000; Build PAC (D.C.) $100,000; Comcast (Pa.) $100,000; Allergan Inc. (Calif.) $100,000; American Society of Anesthesiologists PAC (Ill.) $100,000;  Amgen/Biotechnology Industry Organization (Wash.) $100,000; Domino Foods Inc. (N.Y.) $100,000; Gilead Sciences Inc. (Calif.) $100,000; GMRI Inc. (Fla.) $100,000; Hewlett-Packard Company (Colo.) $100,000; Health Care Service Corp. (Ill.) $100,000; HNTB Holding (MO) $100,000; Ironworkers Political Education Fund (D.C.) $100,000; Laborers Political League (D.C.) $100,000; Merck Sharp Dohme Corp. (N.J.) $100,000; Sanofi-Aventis U.S. Inc. (N.J.) $100,000; TracFone Wireless Inc. (Fla.) $100,000; United Therapeudics Corp. (Md.) $100,000; UA Political Action Fund (Md.) 100,000;  Verizon Wireless (Calif.) $100,000.

The committee paid $1,545,000 to DGA Action (D.C.) a super PAC; $250,000 to the Florida Governance Fund; $103,000 to the New Hampshire Freedom Fund; among others.

The Republican Governors Association, a Section 527 organization, reported raising $23,561,517 and spending $9,668,451 during the first six months of 2013.

Major donors were David Koch (Koch Industries, N.Y.)  $1 million; Bob Perry (Perry Homes, Texas) $1 million on April 12; Contran Corp. (Texas) $1 million; WellPoint Inc. (Ohio) $600,000; Mike and Mary S. Shannon (KSL Capital Partners, Wis.) $500,000; Florida Power & Light Company (Fla.) $500,000; New Jersey Laborers PAC Non-Federal Account (N.J.) $300,000; American Beverage Assn. (D.C.) $275,000; USAA (TX) $260,000; PhRMA (D.C.) $255,000; Comprehensive Health Management (Fla.) $250,000; Sanofi-Aventis U.S. Inc. (N.J.) $250,000; AstraZeneca (Del.) $250,000; John Hess (Hess Corp., N.Y.) $250,000; Bruce Kovner (Caxton Alternative Management LP, N.Y.) $250,000; AT&T Services Inc. (Texas) $250,000; Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (Ark.) $250,000; Devon Energy Production Company (Okla.) $250,000; Exxon Mobil Corp. (Texas) $200,000; Travelers Indemnity Company (Conn.) $175,000; GlaxoSmithKline (Pa.) $150,000; Health Care Service Corp. (Ill.) $150,000; Centene Management Company (Mo.) $123,000; CCA of Tennessee LLC (Tenn.) $115,000; Merck Sharpe and Dohme Corp. (N.J.) $110,000; and Hewlett-Packard (Mich.) $105,000.

Other large donors giving $100,000 were: Allergan USA Inc; American Petroleum Institute (D.C.); American Transmission Company (Wis.); Amerigroup Corp. (Va.); Hushang Ansary (Stewart Stevenson LLC, Texas); Blue Cross Blue Shield Assn. (Ill.); James Bruner (United Contractors Midwest, Ill.); Consol Energy (Pa).; GMRI Inc. (Fla.); Gilead Sciences Inc. (Calif.); GTECH Corp. (R.I.); Healthways Inc. (Tenn.); Jeffrey Hildebrand (Hilcorp Energy Company, Texas); Lisa Kennedy (Int’l. Speedway Corp. Fla.); Parson Corp (Texas); Marathon Oil Company (Okla.); RAI Services Company (N.C.); Muneer Satter (Satter Investment Management, Ill.); National Assn. of Homebuilders; Nuclear Energy Institute (D.C.); O’Toole Fernandez Weiner Van Lieu (N.J.);  Plains Exploration and Production Company (Texas); Progress Energy Service Company (N.C.); Donald Trump (Trump Organization, N.Y.); US Chamber of Commerce (D.C.); and Diane Wilsey (A. Wilsey Properties,Calif.).

The committee paid $2 million to Cuccinelli for Governor (Va.); $1.7 million to Target Enterprises LLC (Calif.) for media buys; and $100,000 to the Republican Party of Virginia; among others.