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ActBlue Funnels $4 Million in Political Contributions during July

A Democratic PAC has reported it acted as a funnel for more than $4 million in political contributions to candidates and committees during July.

ActBlue reported it had receipts of $4,662,416 and disbursements of $4,390,434 during July, leaving $8,401,772 in cash on hand as of July 31. The PAC forwarded $4,060,086 in earmarked contributions to candidates and committees.

The committee sent $1.1 million in contributions to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee; over $800,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee; almost $200,000 to Democracy for America; almost $150,000 to Nunn for Senate; $130,000 to Progressive Change Campaign Committee; almost $100,000 to Off the Sidelines PAC; more than $80,000 to Stay Blue 2014; almost $75,000 to Hagan Senate Committee; and almost $75,000 to Cory Booker for Senate, among others.

Of the itemized individual contributions, more than $800,000 came from California; more than $500,000 came from New York; almost $250,000 came from Massachusetts; almost $225,000 came from Texas; more than $200,000 came from Illinois; and more than $200,000 came form Florida, among others.