Sunday Morning (Of DC Beer Week) Comin’ Down

Jason Dick
Posted August 18, 2013 at 11:05am

Alas, another DC Beer Week is about to head into history. If you’ve spent the last week heading from tap takeovers to tastings, from beer/food pairings to growler hours, there’s one way to top off the sudsy and caloric week. We speak, of course, of the great hangover brunch.

Our friends over at Boundary Road have their “Session Sunday Hair of the Dog Brunch” starting in, oh, right now (11am EDT) and they’re bringing along their pals from Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing. Toque Brad Walker will pair his brunch specials with two of Boulevard’s low-alcohol brews, Test Nelson Grape Ale and Pop-Up IPA.

Head on down. There’s nothing like closing out a week of hard drinking with just a little more.