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Moldy Food in the Longworth Cafeteria?

Are you happy now, congressional vegetarians? Reports are cropping up about moldy grub in the Longworth cafeteria.

It remains unclear whether Restaurant Associates has embraced fungus-laced foodstuffs as a passive-aggressive response to those who have grumbled about the dearth of “green” menu options or if the corporate catering outfit just caught a bad one somewhere down its distribution chain. The Capitol Hill dining vendor did not respond to calls or emails requesting comment about the gut-wrenching disclosure.

But a House aide passing through the Longworth food court this morning about lost his lunch after getting an earful of the following, terribly unsavory status report.

“We serve good food here. Good food doesn’t have mold in it … and there’s been some mold in the food. We can’t serve food with mold,” an HOH tipster said he heard a managerial type alerting rank-and-file food service personnel.

The harried staffer did not have time to stick around for the rest of the “great mold speech of 2k13” but suggested that none of the crew seemed totally shocked by the revolting development.