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Pelosi Pleased About Princess Leia Award


Christine Pelosi, daughter of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., collected a rather curious prize for her mom this weekend, attending a Women’s Equality Day celebration to accept the otherworldly “Princess Leia” award.

For those of you with a tragically low midi-chlorian count, Princess Leia, as portrayed by actress Carrie Fisher, is the heroine of the original “Star Wars” trilogy (episodes IV-VI).

The tribute was presented on behalf of the Women’s Intercultural Network. The group did not respond to requests for comment about the history of an award named for an empire-bucking, rebellion-leading Jedi scion, or any past recipients.

Team Pelosi, on the other hand, seemed only to happy to play along.

“Leader Pelosi knows that from Alderaan to America, the full participation of women in society provides A New Hope to restoring freedom to the galaxy,” a Pelosi aide told HOH about the unique honor. “House Democrats’ women’s economic agenda — When Women Succeed, America Succeeds — would ensure that the force of women will be with you.”

Per Pelosi’s office, her granddaughter, Bella, had a blast waving around the commemorative lightsaber.