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Headline Shirts Serves Up Political ‘America’ Tees

As summer winds down, it’s time to be on the lookout for those last-minute impulse T-shirt purchases. Headline Shirts, a San Francisco-based purveyor of stuff you don’t need, fits the bill with two different versions of Captain America.

The first, Captain ‘Merica, we spotted in Harrisburg, Pa., at a Harrisburg Senators-Erie Sea Wolves minor league baseball game at Metro Bank Park. The visage of this alternative Captain America is custom made for the red state slummer.


“Captain ‘Merica! He’s just as good as the ‘other’ captain, with a few nuances: The other captain was given a serum that made him a ‘super soldier,’ enhancing all of his functions to the peak of human ability. Captain ‘Merica is known to drink other people’s ‘wounded soldiers’ (unfinished beers), which has given him a superhuman tolerance for Busch Lite,” Headline Shirts’ description reads.

Not to be left out, though, is Latin America, Captain America’s twin brother Esteban Rodriguez, who was separated at birth and raised in Mexico.


Perhaps now is the time for this shirt, what with the immigration debate today. “Apparently his catchphrase of ‘Now we are all Latin Americans!’ didn’t go over so well in 1950s White America,” Headlines Shirts’ cheeky mock biography states.

Get ’em soon or git ‘er done, because summer, and its bad fashion choices, is almost over.

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