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Pelosi’s ‘Star Wars’ Nod Really a Lifetime Achievement Award

Women’s Intercultural Network President Marilyn Fowler doesn’t hand out the group’s cheeky Princess Leia Award to just anybody. In reality, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is only the third woman to earn the space-fantasy-inspired mantle — and it’s been an honor a long time coming.

Pelosi was granted the interstellar title over the weekend; her daughter, Christine Pelosi, attended the ceremony in San Francisco and collected the corresponding booty: a collapsible toy lightsaber.

“We give the ‘Princess Leia Award’ to women who have battled great odds successfully in their work on behalf of others — of women and their families,” Fowler told HOH of the vetting process.

Prior recipients include, Mimi Silbert, founder and director of the Delancey Street Foundation, an organization specializing in addiction and recovery aid, and Charlie Toledo, founder and director of the Suscol Intertribal Council, a group devoted to Native American issues.

It’s the California Democrat’s ongoing commitment to standing up to House Republicans that made WIN want to place Pelosi among the pantheon of sci-fi royalty.

“Leader Pelosi knows how to navigate effectively inside the U.S. Congress better than anyone even when she is ‘under fire’ by congressional leaders. We don’t have space to list all the ‘battles’ she has won [over] the past 26 years,” Fowler said.

As HOH reported earlier, Team Pelosi was over the moon about picking up the rare distinction. But Pelosi made sure WIN knew she was accepting the tribute not as a loner but as part of a burgeoning movement.

“It is my privilege to accept your Princess Leia Award on behalf of the 62 women in the House Democratic Caucus — the most in history — who are heeding your call to address the pressing issues confronting women today,” Pelosi specified in her acceptance letter.