Satirist Scored Award for ’80s Lobbying Spoof

Posted September 6, 2013 at 4:05pm

Local funnyman Dave Nuttycombe — he of Washington City Paper and Travesty Films fame — recently discovered that “How to Lobby Your Congressperson,” a tongue-in-cheek vignette about wooing Congress that he helped craft a quarter-century ago, won itself a Telly Award.

No small feat, given that only the suits that commissioned the project probably ever saw it.

How to Lobby Your Congressperson from Dave Nuttycombe on Vimeo.

“It didn’t air anywhere. It was an in-house instructional thing,” Nuttycombe told HOH about the clip, which he explained was part of a broader package of actual ethics guidance.

“That was part of a longer program that actually did try to teach lessons in lobbying,” he said. “I was hired to do the comic relief.”

Nuttycombe stressed that while he was no fan of the tobacco-hawking outfit that he suspects footed the ultimate bill (rhymes with Milip Phorris), the talent pool absolutely sucked him in.

“I set aside my ethics for the chance to work with my idols Bob & Ray and Martin Mull,” Nuttycombe admitted.

His chance to collaborate with then-comedy royalty met, Nuttycombe went on with the rest of his life.

It wasn’t until he caught up with the producer on Thursday that he discovered the quirky short had garnered an industry award.

The themes explored in the film, which was made in 1988, continue to ring true today. Is there anything Nuttycombe believes could use some updating?

“Other than tossing around money, I have no idea how to lobby Congress,” he quipped.

Which is not to say he wouldn’t be happy to help skewer modern lawmakers.

“I’m available at popular prices for all political mockery,” Nuttycombe said.

If the mustache lobby were smart, it would make him an offer right now on the pro-whiskered-worker package we unearthed from his archives:

Business on Parade, No. 2 from Dave Nuttycombe on Vimeo.