FEC Disclosure Takes a Hit in Nonelection Years

Posted September 17, 2013 at 10:20am

Many PACs and parties (with the exception of national party committees) have the option to file only two FEC reports during nonelection years. Nonelection years are years in which there are no regularly scheduled federal elections. The other option is to file on the 20th of every month, disclosing the previous month’s activity.

Below is a table showing PAC/party filings filed by month so far for 2013. Notice that the totals for June reflect both semiannual and monthly PAC/Party filings since the filing dates coincide. The number of filings reflects newly registered filers and terminated filers, as well.

Month Number of filings Total Receipts
August *408 * $7,280,034.95
July 1189 $63,047,756.85
June 4555 $239,571,316.18
May 1198 $76,333,095.61
April 1198 $74,437,012.93
March 2004 $107,137,158.43
February 1225 $66,283,297.76
January 1238 $64,332,944.78

* Partial month figure. These reports are due in a few days on the 20th of September.