Campus Notebook Senate Periodical Gallery Rolls Out Mobile-Friendly Website

Posted September 23, 2013 at 3:13pm

Senate press secretaries, communications directors and reporters have a little more access to the Senate Periodical Press Gallery with the release of its new, mobile-friendly website .

“It’s more accessible, easier to read and we have a better archive for people who want to do research on past sessions,” said Ed Pesce, director of the gallery.

Pesce said a list of press gallery membership will make it easier for Senate staff to find specific news outlets or reach reporters covering specific beats.

The site also provides members of the press with information on accreditation and gallery rules, and a list of press secretaries for individual offices and committees. It launched on Sept. 19 and will be used in conjunction with the gallery’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

“Since everyone does so much work on their smart phones, the hope is a combination of all three will help keep everyone as up to date on events, logistics, Senate vote schedules and credentialing requirements,” Pesce said.