Jared Polis’ Green Eggs and Slam

Posted September 30, 2013 at 4:50pm

Monday is the deadline day for third quarter fundraising — and over the past several days, House and Senate campaigns and committees flooded inboxes with donor solicitations.

Most are boring and banal sources of manufactured outrage. But we spotted a true diamond in the rough.

Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo., emailed his supporter list Sunday with a poem mocking Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz’s reading of “Green Eggs and Ham” on the Senate floor last week.

“No, I do not like Ted Cruz reading Green Eggs and Ham,” Polis wrote. “And shutting down government without giving a damn, // No I do not like it, I do not like it, // I do not like it, patriot I am.”

He scores extra points for his rhyming prowess: “I will not insure your child with asthma // I will not insure your disorder of plasma.”

Polis is not in a competitive district, but he is the national chairman for candidates services at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.