Shutdown Muddles Marine Corps Marathon Prep

Jason Dick
Posted October 7, 2013 at 6:08pm

The organizers of the Marine Corps Marathon  are being forced to improvise, adapt and overcome thanks to the ongoing government shutdown drama.

In an email sent to race participants with the subject line “MCM and the Government Shutdown,” the race organizers let everyone know that they’re doing the best they can to prepare for the Oct. 27 marathon and accompanying 10K, despite the instability of the political situation.

“The MCM is busy planning the multitude of details necessary for successful execution of the event operations plan.  The organizers remain focused on firing the howitzer at 0755 on 27 October and launching 30,000 runners across the nation’s capital and Arlington, VA.  The government shutdown, however, certainly adds a new element to what is already a hectic period in the planning cycle.  Since the shutdown occurred, the MCM staff has been in communication with those partners that are affected and is working to develop a comprehensive understanding of potential challenges to hosting the event.  For the participants, the shutdown may raise questions and doubts if months of training will still result in the receipt of a medal at the Marine Corps War Memorial.  Marines are known for being Semper Fidelis, always faithful.  In this spirit, the expectation is that runners will remain faithful to their training and the MCM will continue to plan diligently for an amazing MCM Weekend,” the notice read.

So keep training, racers! The Marines expect no less of you. About Congress? Perhaps it’s best not to get into the expectations game.