Progressives Want Wastoids to Ring Congress’ Bell

Posted October 10, 2013 at 12:52pm

Revolution Messaging is enabling angry — and potentially plowed — constituents to reach out and browbeat someone via their shutdown-inspired engagement portal,


Keegan Goudiss, a partner at the mobile media firm, said the idea for the rabble-rousing project, which went live early Thursday, bubbled up to the surface amid the trickle of reports that House lawmakers showed up to vote on defunding the government with liquor on their breath and the flood of shutdown-related booze fests that have cropped up all over town.

Visitors to the site can peruse ready-made talking points (Bring back the PandaCam! How can you even think about stiffing the Capitol Police?) and novelty drink recipes (absinthe-laced “Sleepy Senator,” anyone?).

But the main attraction is the custom drunk dialer — a service that reroutes calls to members’ offices on Capitol Hill. “It is truly random. But it’s only for the House,” Goudiss said of the chamber-specific targeting.

Per Goudiss, once a caller enters their contact number into the system, the network randomly selects a ZIP code and connects them to the corresponding congressional office.

At press time, Goudiss said the service had pushed along 1,200 such calls — most of which had, by chance, poured into the office of Rep. Mike Quigley, D-Ill.

Team Quigley, however, insists it’s been business as usual.

“Our office hasn’t had any calls of that nature. All of the calls we’re receiving are the standard, garden-variety constituent calls,” a Quigley aide said of the exchanges they’ve had this morning.

We don’t know whether to be disappointed that the stone-cold sober might be tying up the DDC lines, or terrified that Quigley only hears from blotto Chicagoans.


Either way, it would seem that at least one guy plans to put the site to good, and its proper, use tonight.